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Sanni Dee

Amazon Top 100 Author


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The Grumpy Billionaire's Forbidden Flame

No one ever expects for me, Nick Lastra, NYC’s most eligible playboy billionaire bachelor, to fall in love, much less with my company’s newest intern half my age, who happens to be my daughter’s best friend that I am forbidden to go anywhere near.

When Allie, my estranged daughter, made me promise to stay clear of her best friend, Sophie James, the newest intern at my company, I laughed so hard because she must not know her dad at all.

After her mother broke my heart to pieces and turned my only daughter against me, I’ve spent the past decades mastering the art of numbing my pain and shutting my heart, that the only thing fueling my existence is lust.

I have my picks of some of the world’s most beautiful women, what use would I have for a fresh out of college plain Jane. This will be the easiest promise I ever have to keep.

Then I meet Sophie James, and her brilliant light invades every dark corner of my heart and reignites the dying flame in my soul. I must have her. But how can I, when my daughter threatens to leave and my heart forbids me to love.

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New Release

The Grumpy Billionaire's Love at First Fight

To most, I'm Dane Merritt, the billionaire Alpha Boss of Wall Street's baddest playboys, but this kindergarten teacher dares to give me a failing grade as a single dad?

Doesn't she know that messing with me can put her career on the line and turn her world upside down?

Yes, our worlds can't be more opposite, and this bubbly fresh faced kindergarten teacher has no clue the power I wield outside of this little classroom. But she's got some nerves to question my devotion to my daughter.

As sexy as she is in her little innocent blouse with pearl buttons, she is just a kid herself and she thinks she can teach me a lesson on how to be a better father?

I'll give her a lesson she'll never forget. I wonder if these kindergarten walls have ever seen a teacher bent over her desk.

When I'm done, she'll get a taste of my power and will be on her knees begging for more.

Until my worst nightmare happens, and Becca Foster is the one with the power to save me.

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The Grumpy Billionaire's Naughty Neighbor

Neighbors’ feud turns naughty when the young hot fashionista doesn’t care to keep it clean, and the grumpy billionaire isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. 


Being on the opposite sides of the fence means nonstop distraction, and satiating attraction.


I flew from Paris with my bag of tricks determined to find an investor for my fashion line. 


Instead, I find this shirtless hunk brooding in my dumpster, and he turns out to be my billionaire neighbor.


What I want from him isn’t money, and I’m willing to use all the tricks up my dress to get it.


The last thing I expected is for him to get under my skin, and now I find myself bursting at the seams in his hands.

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About Sanni Dee

Sanni Dee is an Amazon Top 100 author. She particularly enjoys writing steamy contemporary romance that’s fun and lighthearted, but with an edge. She takes readers on an unexpected journey through her books. Once you start, you never know where you’re going to end up. But you’re guaranteed to be in for quite a ride!

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